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The female princess Courtney isn 't a princess anymore. When Courtney and her older sister were little they were separated from their mother. 20 years later the two sisters are currently living on a farm. The culture is living on a farm is the totally opposite from living on land with a castle. Prince Alex, Courtney’s boyfriend, they 've been going on for a while. The evil wizard tries and tries to get Courtney to eat a poison pizza. She doesn 't know this is a poison pizza so she eats it!! The poison pizza isn 't like any other pizza, it doesn 't kill you, it turns you into a pig. Days go by and Alex tries to find her, she is nowhere to be found. The evil wizard holds the pig captive in a castle. Alex has to go through a lot to get to her…show more content…
Desiree and Abby are Courtney 's best friends so they hear about what happened to princess Courtney. They all get to start walking and finally days later get to the castle they run there and get stopped by a dragon, the dragon is not a nice one. Alex starts fighting the dragon and distracted him while Desiree and Abby try to find princess Courtney , it takes a lot of muscle to fight through the dragon but he gets it, he catches up to the girls, when they get to the room Courtney the pig is laying there, no one knows any way to change her back until Desiree gets an idea while sitting here looking at her, Alex has to kiss her to get her back. He hesitates to going for it because it 's a pig, who wants to kiss a pig? But Alex loves her so he does what he has to do. Alex wants to take care of Courtney and treat her the way she 's suppose too. Prince Alex leans down and goes for a kiss. The evil sister shows up and tries to get him away from her because the evil sister doesn 't want her to come back to life because she is jealous. The mother somehow found out where they were keeping her captive and pulled the sister out of the room and told Alex to hurry and kiss her to bring her back. He finally did kissed her and princess Courtney was herself again, they all lived, they left the castle, went back home and Courtney and Alex got married and lived

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