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There is only one word to describe Princess Cruises’ history - rich. The first sail of Princess cruises was on December 3, 1965 where it sailed en-route to Mexico on Princess Patricia. As the years went by, trends changed and so did the needs and wants of vacationers. Since its inception in 1965, Princess Cruises has been ever-changing, to suit these needs and wants of not only its current group of customers, but also potential passengers. In 1969, Princess Italia began its first Alaska cruise. As time went on, Princess Cruises’ concepts started getting incorporated by the cruise industry, further substantiating its position in the industry. It also developed new varieties of cruises, leading to the popular TV Series ‘The Love Boat” being…show more content…
The branding itself allows for rejuvenation, exploration as well as classy dining. It position itself to low passengers to discover new cultures and experiences whilst creating new memories with friends, families and their loved ones. For the most part, Princess Cruises has been in the front rank in terms of building ships specifically designed to accommodate a sizable number of private balconies - the most-desired and in-demand shipboard luxury. The company began the concept of the ‘affordable veranda’ in the 1980s and currently has one of the highest percentages of balcony cabins in the industry. Princess Cruises was not only able to pioneer the concept of having affordable shipboard luxuries for passengers, but also managed to develop it to reach top spot and remain there, making this one of their most unique selling points. Pros As the branding motive itself, it motivates potential passengers to come aboard together with friends, families and their loved ones as a mean of travel. Princess Cruise offers a range of activities and amenities as well as spacious rooms and balconies for their passengers. This is to allow passengers to relax while experiencing top notch services and entertaining facilities and…show more content…
It covers the Antarctica to Alaska, European countries as well Mexican. Not to forget, it also sails through the Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Shanghai and Singapore. Pros The routes of Princess Cruises allow passengers to choose ranges of destination of their dream. Thus, potential passengers can choose their deemed destination and not restricted to just European region or Asian region. With the different cruises developed for different routes, Princess Cruises is allow to offer their products to their different niche target market all across the world. Cons One of the downside of cruise is that it could on sail on deep water thus restricted most of the places in Asia. This applies to the port of call in Asia such as Melaka where they would have to chart the passengers on a small boat to port of call. As a result, most of the routes of Princess Cruise is on the European side . d) Special Programs/Events i) 50th Anniversary Celebration As 2015 is the 50th Anniversary of Princess Cruises, there are many onboard activities that was organised to make passengers journey a more memorable one. Below are some activities that were onboard of Princess Cruises in 2015 in conjunction with their 50th

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