Princess Diana Borderline Personality Essay

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Princess Diana’s Case Conceptualisation: Borderline Personality Disorder Princess Diana exhibited many observable behaviours which made the people around her worried till the day she passed away. Following is a critical outlook on the ups and downs she had due to her mental health issues. Background of the case Family history and early development One of the most prominent royal bloods of the 20th century, Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born to be the people’s princess. She was born on the 1st of July 1961 to her parents, the Viscount and Viscountess of Althorp, Edward Spencer and Frances Ruth Burke Roche at Park House at Sandringham, Northfolk. Upon the death of her paternal grandfather, Albert Spencer who was the 7th Earl Spencer in 1975,…show more content…
Later she applied for a kindergarten teacher post at Knightsbridge, London. It was there that she was introduced to her future husband, Prince Charles. Throughout her life, Diana was active into philanthropic and humanitarian work where she supported many organisations that served for the advancement of people especially those with serious illness and drug addicts. Apart from being a philanthropist, in her royal position, Diana was the most photographed person during her time and she was noticed by all for her distinguishable traits. Being a charismatic individual, Diana could also influence the people with fashion and her impeccable sense of style. The fashion icon was more loved by the people when she did not take into account her royal title but was willing to serve the people with endless charity. Overwhelmed by her royal duties, Diana began to pursue her…show more content…
Formerly, the Prince was dating Camilia Parker Bowles, his second wife currently. When it was about time for the Prince to get married, the Royal family preferred a bride from an aristocratic family, could not previously been married, a Protestant and preferably a virgin upon marriage. Diana fulfilled all those qualifications and was a well-known figure to the Royal family at the same time. Although Prince Charles was dating Camilia, she was rejected as a potential bride due to her age; a senior to Prince Charles, her sexual experience and her lack of aristocratic

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