Princess Diana Conspiracy Case Study

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In 1997, the bening yet lascivious Diana, Princess of Wales passed. Rumors have ubiquitously outspread, amongst them some ludicrous others conforming to reality and holding some degree of validity. A tripartite of the conspiracies- each with its respective way of knowing, that possess substantial merit with evidence that is conducive to the canonicity of the conspiracy will be analysed scrupulously. We recognize that there might be biased behavior in this investigation with regards to the treatment of the more inane conspiracies but will make an attempt to objectively consider the evidence, context, and content of the event. The following scheme’s were considered in our investigation: “The flash before the crash”, “Diana was pregnant”, and…show more content…
Princess Diana had been dating the son of an Egyptian businessman, “Dodi” for just a month or two; however, some adamantly believe that she was carrying his child. The most dedicated believer is Mohamed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father, who spearheaded this conspiracy that Princess Diana was pregnant with his son’s child. Fayed believed that the possibility of an Egyptian Muslim becoming the stepfather to the future King of England was unpalatable to the Royal Family, so they killed off the problem. This conspiracy was provoked by the ordered embalming of Princess Diana before an autopsy was done —which is illegal. This procedure was supposedly ordered to preserve Princess Diana’s body to the best possible degree for her funeral and family; however, this procedure makes it impossible to identify the HCG hormone in the body which indicates pregnancy. Later, old bloodstains in the crashed Mercedes were tested to determine if Princess Diana was pregnant, and no HCG hormone was found discrediting the foundation of this conspiracy. Similarly, Princess Diana’s friends claim that she had been on her normal menstrual cycle which further disproved this pregnancy theory. Therefore, the possibility of The Royal Family killing off Princess Diana because she was carrying Dodi’s child was called into question by two ways of knowing: memory and reason. Her friends remembered that…show more content…
Diana and Dodi Fayed went to the Ritz in Paris where Dodi had rented a private dining room for their dinner. Diana and Dodi had a three hour dinner and upon exiting the ritz, they sent decoys out the back of the hotel. This time, they actually went out the front of the hotel, but some paparazzi were still staked in the front of the hotel. Dodi and Diana were a in black four door Mercedes with a bodyguard and their driver, Henri Paul. The driver had three hours to wait for them, and one newspaper allegedly stated that he went to a pub during the three hour dinner. After the crash, Henri’s blood was tested, and it apparently had an alcohol figure more than three times the threshold for drunk driving under the French law. The authenticity of the test was questioned, for his family, close friends, and Dodi’s father said that he was never an excessive drinker, doubting the results of the test as well; furthermore, Henri had passed his annual pilot’s physical examination three days before. Thus, the claim that Henri Paul was intoxicated became questionable by a way of knowing: Intuition, from the people who knew him

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