Princess Diana Impact

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Princess Diana was a woman of selfless humanity, a model of beauty and elegance, and an exemplary portrayal of how a woman should conduct herself. An icon of our generation and still immensely adored by people all around the world. Today in 2018, the legacy of the People 's Princess lives on despite her tragic passing 20 years ago. It is astounding how a woman who touched the hearts and souls of so many was left vulnerable, broken and manipulated by those who were determined to know every intimate detail of her life. Ladies, gentlemen and Chairperson, it is no joking matter how the intrusive behaviour of the media negatively impacted the life of Princess Diana and ultimately cost her her life.

Let 's return to 1980, the genesis of Diana 's personal life no longer remaining private; Charles, the Prince of Wales, asking to take Diana 's hand in marriage. Society was intrigued by her instantly and the media soon began to follow her every step, mesmerised by her and wanting to learn everything about the woman that was soon to become a royal. Diana was catapulted into an unknown world which would spoil the remainder of her life. Years later, Diana said that she "understood the media were interested in what she did when she started her public life" although she was "not aware of how overwhelming that attention would become. Nor the extent to which it would affect both her public duties and her personal life." Consequently, the life she had once known and the freedom she once
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