Princess Diana Leadership

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Princess Diana wasn’t a typical princess, she was something special. Diana Spencer commonly known as Princess Diana, was born from the Spencer noble family. (Newsmakers) She was not born into royalty, but instead married into it. Since Diana did not come from royal background it made it easier for the public to relate to her and her story. Before going into royalty, she had a vision of how she wanted the public to perceive her. She wanted to be treated like a commoner rather than royalty and knew the public would respect her more if she didn’t act “snobby and rich” (Newsmakers). As people began to grow in love with her, Diana used her influence towards good. In any opportunity to raise awareness towards a problem, Diana used her platform to fight for what she believed. In addition when Diana set her mind to something she felt passionate about, she did whatever possible to achieve her goal. Even when put in tough situations such as her divorce or personal issues, she didn’t let that affect what she wanted to do. She continued to fight and express her opinions about issues at hand. During and after her time in royalty, Diana was a leader who defined the leadership skills found in the 2020 Grad to Grad profile. As a leader Diana exemplified the traits of…show more content…
Even though she divorced her husband and lost her title as “princess”, she was still able to make the world a better place. Throughout the world Diana was favored due to her ability to connect with people and always stay true to herself. She reflected the 2020 Grad to Grad profile by exemplifying the traits of acting with love, trust, vision, commitment to justice, influence, and maturity. Diana was a great leader in bringing to light unnoticed issues, helping those in under developed countries, and acting on what she believed was the right thing to
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