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Lady Diana Spencer, the princess of the people who never got chance to be their queen. The late first wife to the heir of the throne, a loving mother to her two sons, Prince William who will one day be king and Prince Harry. A Princess who was determined to challenge the protocols of the monarch. A woman who prioritised humanitarian events, a celebrity due to her fashion trends, the people’s princess. No one expected that her life would end in tragedy at the young age of thirty-six. Diana Frances Spencer came from an aristocrat family, at a young she was known as The Honourable Diana due to her royal ancestry. Diana Spencer was born on the 1st of July 1961 in Sandringham, Norfolk, fourth child to Frances Shan Kydd and John Spencer. This will set out to describe Princess Diana’s meteoric rise from a shy teenager to one of the most famous women in the world. It will also document her downfall which was manoeuvred by outside sources.
During the time that Diana was born,
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Princess Diana’s death was mourned around the world. Memorials were held in her honour. People would pay tribute to the late Princess outside of Kingston Palace even after she was buried. Princess Diana was a compassionate woman who dedicated her life to her two sons, the sick and less fortunate. The Princess was then known as The People’s Princess.
Princess Diana of Wales, lived her life the way she wanted. A woman who was not scared to break royal traditions. Her determination and compassion were adored by many. The legacy the Princess left is something that will continue for other generations to come. Princess Diana will forever be in the hearts of the people she unknowingly touched. The vulnerable young woman, whose smile was always ready to greet other people died a tragic death. Diana Spencer lived a short but fruitful life, full of compassion, love and
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