The Princess Diaries Character Analysis

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When Aaron Burr was two his parents died, leaving him an orphan. He and his sister went to live with his uncle. At thirteen he was accepted in the College of New Jersey and graduated Summa Cum Laude in just three years. Over the years, he got involved in politics directly competing against Alexander Hamilton for most of the positions, since the revolution started until Alexander’s death. He excelled as a student and as a person, having unconventional ideas and fighting for the marginalized. On the other hand, Princess Diaries tells how Mia Thermopolis, an unpopular girl in high school who was raised by a single mother, grew from being an average bullied student to becoming Genovia’s Queen. She and her best friend, Lily, were always looking…show more content…
At the first movie, it can be seen how the first time she is harassed by paparazzi she stops and talks with a little girl standing by the side. She is identified with the girl because in all that chaos she is the smallest, most invisible being. That is why she makes the decision to stop and talk with her, because it reminded her of herself. A similar situation can be described in the sequel, where she is at a parade and stops her carousel to help an orphan girl who was being bullied. Her decision is based on the struggles she went through all her high school days. Also, during the second movie she fights with the parliament for her position as a queen knowing that she will not have a king by her side. She knows that she has the capacity and intelligence required to have an important position without the help of a man. That is a consequence of her single mother, whom raised her all alone, empowering her as a woman and becoming a feminist. This is the opposite of the parliament, who all have been living in royal families all their life and are drunk on man-power in Genovia. Two families that fall into that category is Nicholas Deveraux and his uncle, and Baron von Troken with his wife, Baroness von Troken, who are trying to steal the throne just because they are greedy and feel entitled to it. This entitlement is caused by his raising, when all the things they had were because their family was well positioned in
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