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The Life Changing Adventure

Princess Ella Ribal was a young, royal girl who had a perfect life, well, for the most part anyways. She was a junior in high school who had good grades and many friends. She had many nice horses to ride wherever she wanted as a result of her good behavior. When school was over for the day, she had a loving and caring family to come home to. She was an only child. Her family consisted of her father (King Ribal), her mother (Queen Ribal), and Hector her pet chinchilla. Ella had very few close friends, mostly because the other kids at her school were jealous of her. However, she was particularly close with the main maid of the castle, Betty.

One night, Ella came home from school and was eating dinner with her family. They had a lot of conversations and suddenly the room grew
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She grabbed her favorite backpack, then started packing her life essentials. She didn’t want her parents to know where she was going or what she was going to do, because she knew her parents would stop her if she told the truth and Ella never lied. She put her backpack on and looked at herself in the mirror. “I can do this,” she whispered to herself. She climbed out of her bedroom window and ran straight for the woods.

It was a long run away from the castle, but Ella wanted to get away quick before she was seen. She ran like the wind for the first three miles. When she was finally to the point where she was guaranteed not to be seen anymore, she was tired and thirsty. She searched for a water source and a place to sleep. She hiked through the forest until she could find a river; luckily there was a soft place to sleep next to it. Unfortunately, it was very late and dark by the time she found her spot. She had brought a pillow and blanket from home to sleep with.

In the middle of the night she was woken up by some strange noises and while her eyes were opened she saw creepy shadowy figures. She began to get super stressed

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