Princess Mononoke Movie Essay

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I have seen many of Studio Ghibli’s films, and out of all of them “Princess Mononoke” has the most dominant and powerful message. It stands out amongst its sister films because of how transparent the message is. The leading point is that the age of nature is dying and being overtaken by the age of humans, this brings many heavy themes into play. Within the film our hero Ashitaka, is cursed by a nature god and must venture into the spirit forest to cure his ailment. Along his travels he observes the destructive nature of mankind as they fight wars over power control within the country. He eventually stumbles upon Iron Town, a human town built in the heart of the spirit forest. The towns purpose is to create iron weapons, but in doing so the humans quickly start eradicating the spirits that inhabit the forest. Iron Town is a prime example of humanities greed. The humans could have lived in harmony with the animals and nature gods, but they lusted for more power. This lust for power creates a war between the humans and forest creatures. But due to technology the humans have the advantage and quickly start wiping out entire species. At one point in the film they even attempt to destroy the forest spirit, the most powerful known god. All of the this fighting highlights how…show more content…
Steven Universe is a modern American cartoon that has many themes of sexuality, friendship, consent, non-nuclear family, and many more. Black Mirror is a modern British take on the twilight zone but with the context being technology. Many stories in Black Mirror show how humans rush into using technology without realizing the consequences they could have, until it is too late. In one episode humans have killed off all the bees, in response they create robotic bees to take their place. The bees end up being hacked and used as a weapon in
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