Story Of A Princess: A Short Story

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Tears fall down Ashlyn’s face as she finds out her mother has passed. The royal guards come running out of her mother’s bedroom, telling the king and the princesses of the bad news. Ashlyn had known her mother had been sick for a while, but she didn’t know her mother would be taken from her this early. It was very tragic and not long after the death, there was a royal funeral for her mom, Queen Isabella. Two years later, and the princesses are still sad, but they have learned to deal with it. There are twelve princesses; Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia and Edcline, Fallon, Genevieve, Hadley and Isla, and Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey. Being a princess is hard for Ashlyn, especially since she is the eldest one. She is always asking herself,…show more content…
I haven't helped but notice that there are twelve of you.”
“ So?” cried Gena ,“Why is that so important and who even are you?”
“ I am Claudia from the castle on the east.” said Claudia as she pointed to the castle across the lake. “ You see, I am the King's mother there and the king needed to find wives for his twelve sons, the princes. So he sent me to go out and find him some princesses or even just some townspeople, but I could not find any. So he banished me from the kingdom and said I could never come back. Unless….”
“Unless what?” questioned Courtney.
“ Unless I can find twelve princesses for my twelve grandsons and have them dance together for 7 nights and on the seventh night, the king will decide if I may return back to the kingdom or not.” answered Claudia. Ashlyn had chills going all throughout her body because she knew exactly what Claudia wanted with them. “ So you must come with me!” screamed Claudia. All the princesses screamed and cried in terror and began to run away. “Fine! If you won’t come with me, then I’ll just have to make you come with me!” snarled Claudia. And Claudia pulled out a shiny, magical wand and with the wave of her wand, all the princesses froze and the evil witch cast a spell on the princesses so that every night, they had to obey her

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