Princess Sparkle Heart Gets A Makeover: Book Analysis

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Princess Sparkle Heart gets a Makeover by Josh Schneider, is a book that reflects both traditional and nontraditional norms because it’s about a girl, Amelia, and her doll that becomes damaged and then replaced with different body parts that don’t fit cultural expectations that normally portray a girl doll and Amelia still views her as beautiful. From looking at the book cover, you would expect this book to only reflect traditional norms. The title is pink, sparkly, and the font is flowy but at the same time it’s bold. Half of the words in the title are sparkly and the other half is made up of different patterns, and has screws and buttons sticking through them. The title turns from pink and frilly to bold and creative. This could reflect the message the author is trying to teach young girls. Before Amelia got Princess Sparkle-Heart as a toy, her and her dog were best friends. Then, Amelia and her new toy, started doing everything together and she began to leave out her dog. They were having tea parties together, attending royal…show more content…
All she did was cry until her mother suggested that they could fix her doll. This is different because it’s usually the dads in stories that help build and fix things. Throughout the book, the mother is helping Amelia sew a new doll. You could also say this is a traditional norm. Men aren’t ever portrayed as someone who sews or helps their daughters with something like that. Not having a father in the picture because they’re sewing would be viewed traditional. Fathers are viewed as masculine so that’s why Amelia’s mom is the only one there to help. In a traditional boy book, there’s always a dad building his son something or helping his son build something cool. Girls are never allowed to play with anything dangerous. That’s why all Amelia does is pick out some buttons and give her mom ideas of what she wants her new doll to look

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