Desert Royal Summary

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This is an extraordinary autobiography of Princess Sultana which is gripped by her powerful strength, indictment of women’s lives within the royal environment of Saudi Arabia. The writer Jane Sasson belongs to America and she was much interested to know about the lifestyle and problems of a women in middle east that are suffering from pain. The story contains those harsh situations which never any religion commands. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where people follow the teachings of Islamic Fundamentalism. The life style in this country for a woman is not acceptable, society does not gave respect and importance to them, and they are only for the use of sexual fulfilments and desires. She is that writer whose works mainly revolve around the women of the Middle East.
This book also speaks about the character of princess Sultans. The woman of this region faced very harsh and stern life. The situations which women faced were related to very horrible reality of that time, they are forced to live life like this and this shows the struggle of Sultana’s who took initiative or struggled to overcome challenges of females. After reading the book further we can able to understand the tragic life of women behind veils and in these beautiful places, Sultana goes through various situations, she fights for women against her own
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Desert royal was a real eye opener to us of how difficult life can be seen by a woman in many countries and we should feel gratefully that what we are today. There is also a sense of feminism shown by the character of Sultana she stood up and raised up her voice against the social trends and social norms and tradition of society. The author has put forward the immoral character of Saudi men before the world in a very understandable manner that every reader will know the reality very
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