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Analyses of Politeness Principle and Cooperation Principle in the Story of Forrest Gump The principle of cooperation was proposed by the American famous language philosopher, Grice, in a 1967 speech at Harvard University. In the process of communication, Grice says, the two sides seem to be following a certain principle, intentionally and unintentionally, in order to effectively cooperate and accomplish communication tasks. Therefore, Grice has put forward the Cooperative Principle (CP) in the conversation. This fundamental principle can be embodied in four guidelines, including quantitative guidelines, quality guidelines, association guidelines and guidelines. However, in the actual daily life, people do not always follow these four guidelines,…show more content…
It 's natural for the readers understand that the principal really wants to say your boy is stupid, but in order not to make Forrest Gump’s mother from being too embarrassed. It 's nice to say that your cunning is different. Americans are actually very good at this kind of typical use of words in order to sound euphemistic. They use other words to express stupid, silly meaning, but rarely use the word stupid, “different “in this sentence doesn 't sound so harsh, and there are others as well, such as, retarded, innocent, mentally changed, etc. That 's why the principal advised Gump’s mother to send Forrest to special school, instead of using stupid or low IQ school directly. This reflects the principal 's respect for his mother and avoiding the embarrassment of Forrest Gump and the self-esteem of Gump sitting outside the office. This actually follows the principle of politeness-- sympathy maxim. This is to reduce the emotional tension in the expression of speech and to minimize the antagonism between the two sides and maximize the sympathy of the dialogue. Cooperative principle only requires that people adhere to the principle of cooperation in the way of quality, quantity, relevance, rules, and constraints. What to say and how to understand each other in communication intended to break a rule for the implication, but the people in the process of actual use of language is often violate the cooperative principle. Most of the time, people have to talk around the corner and…show more content…
At the beginning of the conversation, Forrest Gump expresses his feelings to Jenny sincerely and eagerly, and then Forrest violates the rules and asks Jenny to be her boyfriend. However, Jennie also broke the rules and didn 't reply to Forrest Gump, but instead praised Forrest Gump in his uniform. Then he broke the rules again and said he was happy to be in the capital with Jenny. In the end, Jennie broke the quantitative rule again, saying that she had a lot to say to Forrest, but felt that Forrest could not understand. Although Gump is not very talkative, but his love for Jane is so selfless and sincere, and he have been silently pay and don 't beg repay. The attachment and sincerity of love deeply touched the hearts of

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