Principle Of Politeness In Communication

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In communication giving complete facts is absolutely necessary. Every communication must be complete and adequate. Incomplete messages keep the receiver guessing, create misunderstanding and delay the actions. Every person should therefore be provided with all the required facts and figures.
For example, when the factory supervisor instructs workers to produce, he must specify the exact size, shape, quality and cost of the product.
Any assumptions behind the message should also be clarified. When you answer a letter, reply all the questions raised in the letter. In order to ensure completeness of message, we should check for the “five W” questions. All the ‘w’ questions (what, why, who, which and when) should be answered.
For example
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Positive words like please, thank you, welcome, appreciate, agree, satisfactory, praise and so on, should be used.
Courtesy means a friendly and helpful behaviour towards others. Polite manners facilitate communications. Politenesses beget politeness and encourage participative communication. When a professional interacts with others in a formal communication set up, it is very important that the principle of courtesy to be followed at every step. The following guidelines should be observed to ensure courtesy:
a) Thank generously for a favour. When someone does a favour to you, acknowledge it promptly and thank the person generously for being kind to you.
b) Apologise for an omission. If you have committed a mistake, express your regrets promptly and sincerely.
c) Avoid irritating expressions. Words and expressions having negative connotation should not be used in the message. “You ignored”,” you failed”,” you leave us no choice” are examples of such words and phrases.
d) Answer all the letters promptly. In case you need time to send a full reply, acknowledge the letter you have received.
e) Use empathy. Ask how you would feel if you were to receive this message.

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