Principle Of Unity Of Command Henry Fayol

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Science is a systematic body of knowledge relating to a specific field of study that covers general facts which explain a phenomenon. It establishes cause and effect relationship between two or more variables and underlines the principles governing their relationship. These principles are established through a scientific method of observation, experimentation and verification through testing. As science is based on universally accepted principles which can be applied in all situations, at all time and at all places, such Newton 's law of universal gravitation. It is important to apply this concept to management in order to see if it can be considered as science, therefore Principle of Unity of Command Henri Fayol (1841 – 1925), will be taken as an example. Henri Fayol (1841 – 1925) states in one for his 14 principles of Management that Uity of Command principles, in other words one man, one boss, can be applied to any business or non-profit organization. This principle helps to assign tasks and find possible mistakes easier.
Another way to compare management to science is to apply experimentation and observation Principe on, since that is what science is based on. For example it is a known and proven fact that Moon orbits the Earth, it was observed and proved countless times. Management is also based on observation and scientific inquiry, since one of the main purposes of management in a business organization is responsible for accomplishing a specific set of goals while
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