Principles And The Main Barriers Of Effective Communication

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Principles and The Main Barriers of Effective Communication
Introduction to Communication
The act of exchanging information that are being inform by the sender to the receiver and roles of them are often changes due to it’s a network of interactions. Communication also be defined as verbal and non-verbal communications example are speaking, writing or sending messages via email or letter. It is not simple to communicate, it must be effective to make it more understandable.
What is Effective Communication
An effective communication, it’s more than exchanging information or how it being received and understand, it’s more on how the receiver recognize the emotion, intention or the meaning behind the message. Communication is the daily roles in human being life and it’s occurs everywhere. It’s how the human interact to one another and how they co-operate with each other to reach missions or goals.

Internal Communication and External Communication
Internal Communication is a communication that are being exchanges between people who are in different level of department or division within an organization. It can be both formal and informal. It is to send information between business units such as between employees and employer. External Communication is an exchange of information or message between an organization with the outside of the organization such as customer or shareholders. It’s is mostly being formal type of communications because to maintain the good relationship and
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