Principles Of Guidance And Counselling

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Guidance and Counselling- definition, principles, functions, difference Journal Published: June 26, 2014 Definitions of guidance Guidance is a process through with an individual is able to solve their problems and pursue a path suited to their abilities and aspirations. (Brewer) Guidance is a facilitative service, which provide aids to pupils and staff To help pupils determine the courses most appropriate to their needs and abilities To find instructors who will be more sympathetic to their individual requirements and seek out activities which will help them to realize their presentation ( McBaniel) Guidance is an aspect of educational programme which is concerned especially with helping the pupil to become adjusted to her present…show more content…
Guidance is centered around the needs and aspiration of students. Principles of guidance According to Crow and Crow there are 14 significant principles for guidance they are Every aspect of person’s complex personality pattern constitutes a significant factor of his total displayed attitudes and form of behavior. Guidance service which are aimed at bringing about desirable adjustments in any particular area of experience must take in to account, the all round development of the individual. Although all human beings are similar in many respect, individual difference must be recognized and considered in any effort aimed at providing help or guidance to a particular child. The functions of the guidance is to help a person Formulate and accept stimulating , worthwhile and attainable goals of behavior Apply the goals to conduct his behavior. Existing social, economic and politic unrest is giving rise to many maladaptive factors that require the cooperation of experienced and thoroughly trained guidance workers and the individuals with the problem. Guidance should be regarded as a continuing process of service to an individual from young childhood through…show more content…
Intellectual attitudes are the raw material of guidance but emotional rather than pure intellectual attitude are the raw materials of counseling process. In guidance decision making operable at intellectual level, where as in counseling it operate at emotional level. In educational context, counseling service is one among various service offered by guidance programme. Functions of guidance and counseling Guidance and counseling have three fold functions namely adjustmental , orientataional and development. Adjustmental They help the student in making the best possible adjustment to the current situation in the educational institution in the home and the community. It enable the student to accept the things which they cannot change in life and differentiate what they can change and cannot change in life. Orientational They orient the student in the problem of cancer planning, educational programming and direction towards long term personal aims and values. Developmental It is concerned with helping the people to achieve self development and self realization. Need of guidance and

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