Gun Enforcement Thesis Statement

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Unlawful possession of firearms should have stricter enforcement in its principle.
The court have interpreted that Arms Act 1960 corresponds to the possession of firearms but the enforcement of law contain several flaws and should be changed by imposing stricter inspection of firearms.
Thesis Statement:
Unlawful possession of firearms should have stricter enforcement in its principle because it helps to curb black market, borrowing firearms, and regulating the responsibilities on particular duties.

Imagine, you saw a couple of men holding guns and shoot right towards another man in front of your eyes. What do you feel? When there is a crime, there is a criminal. Arms Act 1960 should be revised again to give punishment to those
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From the start, Malaysia have put a lot of efforts to eliminate illegal trading of firearms by enacting Arms Act 1960 which specified on the restrictions in the possession of firearms such as licenses and permits, penalty for unlawful importation or exportation and more (Arms Act 1960). However, it appears that the enforcement of law fails to be consistent with its principle. As a result, it gives a green light to certain group of people like criminal gangs to smuggle and sell guns secretly in such private areas or called as black market. It is a system through which commodities such as drugs or weapons are imported and sold illegally either through online trading or direct dealing (Merriam Webster Dictionary). If the armed forces do not take a strategic action plan to curb this issue, it will give an easy access for the gun traffickers to smuggle gun either in or out of the country. There are more reports of illegal gun activities especially at the rat routes such as Sungai Golok, Pangkalan Asan Merah, Rantau Panjang and Pangkalan Kubur, Tumpat. Thus, in order to prevent gun trafficking, law enforcement agencies should cooperate together by devising different approaches in policies and activities to strengthen the border operations during…show more content…
This is because when there is a need to investigate other cases or when there are various kind of cases to undercover, sometimes, the number of polices required for the task is more than enough. As a result, less armed forces responsible at the cross-border checkpoint area as more of them are distracted by other priorities. Consequently, this will cause an increase of illicit gun trading and also led to transnational organized crime and internal conflicts in the country. Moreover, gun trafficking have caused the criminals to become more audacious in carrying out their activities which resulting with some trepidation to citizens through their unethical way of using it. In other words, illicit trade of firearms have cause a menace to society. Hence, in order to stop gun smuggling, the government should set up a better strategies of enforcement in the armed forces to combat illegal possession and carrying of firearms. This application have been applied in America and Colombia cities. They enforce gun detection patrols in high-crime areas, enhanced surveillance of probationers and parolees, weapon reporting hotlines, consent searches, and other similar tactics. As a result, it produce a positive outcome as gun carrying have reduce firearm homicides from 10% to 15% in Colombian studies while American studies
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