Principles Of Housekeeping

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Developer Hassan Sommroo Compliance Executive Reviewer Talal Khan Director Approver Asad Malik CEO Name Title Date Signature Revision Date Description 00 November 2017 First Issue Document Revision and Approval Proc. No: LEATHERTEX (PVT.) LTD./HSE/SP-004 Proc. Title: House Keeping Procedure Table of Contents 1. Purpose 3 2. Scope 3 3. Roles and Responsibilities 3 4. Equipment/Software 3 5. Terminology 3 6. Procedure 4 7 Records 8 8 Legal Requirements and References 8 1. Purpose The purpose of this document is to outline the Housekeeping Procedure to achieve the following objectives, utilizing the 5S principles: • Ensure all Work areas are safe and free of hazardous or dangerous conditions…show more content…
6.4 Housekeeping Inspections 6.4.1 All Employees shall maintain, clean-up and organize their respective workspace for a clean, neat and tidy condition. 6.4.2 Housekeeping Schedule for Team Leaders: Role Housekeeping Inspection Frequency Sectional heads/ Maintenance Engineers/ Supervisors Operations and Maintenance…show more content…
6.4.4 These Team leaders shall ensure that all areas are cleaned and in tidy condition and housekeeping habit is continually improved to maintain housekeeping sustainability. 6.4.5 They shall ensure cleanliness and good housekeeping is properly maintained and the procedure is fully implemented. 6.4.6 PM shall conduct a Monthly housekeeping day in their plant, in which all employees & contractors will participate, to promote housekeeping awareness in employees and contractors. 6.4.7 The Housekeeping Inspection Checklist (LEATHERTEX (PVT.) LTD./HSE/SP-004/FM-001) shall be used for checking the assigned areas and verify compliance to the housekeeping requirements. 6.4.8 A copy of the completed Housekeeping Inspection checklist shall be handed over to the QEHS Representative for record keeping and follow-up action by them. 6.4.9 Proper corrective actions for action points arising from the inspections need to be taken by respective Departmental Managers/Engineers/Supervisors within an agreed period of time. 6.5 Training Housekeeping awareness sessions, Tool Box Talks and briefings shall be conducted by QEHS Representative during employees’ induction as well as refresher

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