Principles Of International Relations

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This report is based on basic principles and theories of International relations and also the mutual understanding of United Nations. This report explains about how the international relations affect the current situation of the world. In this report it also shows the United Nations mission and vision for the future. International Relations is very important in this current context of the world.

International relations is an important subject matter that includes peoples, cultures, and religion of the world. According to (, 2014) International relations is an area of study or knowledge concerned with relation between different countries and primarily with foreign policies. International relations is related of different things such as economics, law, science, geography etc. The relations between two or more countries affect other countries of the world. Globalization in international relations is also an important factor to be considered in today’s world. There are many theories and principles of International relations that are applied in daily life. Basically international relations is also taken as mutual understanding between two or more countries and their culture, lifestyle, political affairs, economical changes and many more. It also shows the deeper background study and understanding of international issues.
United Nations was founded on 24 October 1945 after the Second World War. The UN head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. There
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