Principles Of Marketing In The Aviation Industry

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Student Name: Alecia wright Course title: Marketing in the Aviation Industry Lo 1. Understand the principles of marketing within the aviation industry Briefly define the term ‘Marketing’ and the ‘Principles of Marketing’ This research is about the principles of marketing within the aviation industry and how it will help the marketing team of Blackpool Airport to succeed. Recommendations will also be given to help this airport to achieve through marketing. Marketing may be defined as all the business activity geared towards correctly identifying and anticipating people’s wants and needs. Marketing principles is “the idea that is used to form the widely agreed upon basic of most product and promotion strategies (, (2016)”.…show more content…
According to, (2016) the main types of market segmentations in the Aviation Industry are Business Travelers, Urgent Travelers and loyalty Travelers. Business travelers are passengers who travel to different country to perform business related work. Urgent travelers are infrequent users of airlines and generally represent a fairly small market segment in terms of size. Loyal and Loyalty as suggested by their segment name, they are highly brand loyal to a particular airline wherever…show more content…
On like any other organizations Airlines like the Airports that come up with attractive, unique, flashy and innovative business proposals. Airports have to be pro-active not reactive in order to attract airlines. Airlines market to customers by ‘frequent flyer scheme’ this is a platform that airlines use to offer customers bonus (reward) on flights.Due to the fact that Urgent Traveler are always inhaste to travel pertaining to their needs, they don't pay much attention to the price or the airline brand but instead they fix their focus on flights availability to their destination. Hence, airlines make it their goal to have a set of seat on every flights, that will be sold at a premium price to accommodate these passengers. Many Organizations have their business sectored in different part of the world/country, they may sometime have deals to make in different cities. With this being a disadvantage they have to travel by plane to make certain discussion or negotiation. Airlines uses this opportunity to sign deals with business, to transport their employees.. Airlines considered loyal to loyalty as their ideal target market. The only problem airlines face with them is that, it is very hard to catch their attention to new airline brands, because they aren't interested. Airline Market to Travel Agent with commission payment this is a bonus or a reward that is usually offered after a product is sold for a specific

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