Nestle's Approach To Corporate Responsibility

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1.0 Introduction of Organization (Navi, 2009) Nestlé was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé, the pharmacist and the history began in 1867 in Switzerland when Henri was launched his first product called Farine Lacree Nestlé, a nutritious gruel for children. The idea of Nestlé is used his surname which means ‘little nest’. In the meantime, the nest is symbolic of security, family and nourishment, yet it be company name and logotype also plays a central role in Nestlé’s profile From the time when it began, Nestlé has grown his product to chocolates, soups, coffee, cereals, frozen products, yoghurts, mineral water and other food products and turned into the largest food company in the world as the improvement of product and business achievement. Begin in the 70s, a great number of Nestlé products markets, today, Nestlé operation already all around the world with employ around 250,000 people as of more than 70 countries, this is all with one thing in common. Nestlé approach is focused in some fundamental principle such as innovation and renovation. Those principle implemented to ensure that the existing products grow…show more content…
This framework also enables it to create shared value with suppliers, partners, customers and consumers across the world. For corporate responsibility, Nestlé involves what the regulations and law require. This is to gain more trust from individuals and organization that organizes business with them. For main business principle, Nestlé based on decentralization. Meaning the headquarters sets the whole strategy and make sure each country is carried out the principle because they are the one who is responsible to run the business. This approach is summed up as ‘concentrate what is need, spread out what you can’. On top of that, Nestlé have faith in that they have to think about their organizations globally nonetheless they deal with people by interacting with them

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