Principles Of Rule Of Law

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First and foremost, rule of law is one of the branch of Constitutionalism. Rule of law encompasses the basic principles of equal treatment of all people before the law which guarantees basic human rights. ("The rule of law explained", 2018) The rule of law implies that the supremacy of law which includes all the laws must conform with a certain minimum of standards for an instance, protection of civil liberties. Professor A.V Dicey developed concept of rule of law that comprises three concepts of principles. Firstly, no one should be punished except for a conduct which represents a clear breach of law. Secondly, irrespective of ranks and status all are equal before the law. Thirdly, rights and freedoms are best protected under Common Law rather than Bills of Rights. As a whole, rule of law is the principle that assures no one is above the law and everyone shall be treated equally among citizens and laws are made to maintain the public order in our society and to provide a harmony society for people. ("The rule of law explained", 2018) In Malaysia, the Federal Constitution embodies the application of rule of law and the principles of rule of law by A.V Dicey. Art 4 of the FC is the basis of Malaysian rule of law where the purpose of the constitution is to establish rule of law. The second principle laid down by A.V Dicey which was equality before the law despite of ranks and status . This principle states that all the people irrespective of their ranks and status in the
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