Principles Of Summative Assessment

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Summative assessments are used for the learners’ skill acquisition, and their academic success. They are graded with points or percentages like exams, papers or graded projects. Generally, they are used at the end of a school term, program or unit. There are three important principles for summative assessments:
• Summative assessment are used at the end of the period, for this reason they are evaluative. The goal of summative assessment is to grade the progress of learning and assess the learners’ improvement level.

• The exams are carried out in order to determine what the students have learned, therefore the aim of summative assessments is not self- assessment, but to grade what the learners have learned in aforementioned
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For example the grade system in primary schools, secondary school, high schools, and universities are based on summative assessment.

These assessments can help the teacher determine the efficiency of his/her teaching methods. For instance, when most of the learners perform well in any exam, it means that the teacher has taught the lecture well. If not, it means that the teacher should change his/her teaching method. Summative assessments are compared with Formative assessments, said about these assessments that “formative assessments are often for learning and summative assessments are of learning”. One of the differences between them is that formative assessments are used in the first or the middle of the term, unit or program while summative assessments are used at the end of the term, unit or program.
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There are some websites for practicing activities for improving grammar, speaking, listening, and writing skills such as ( ) . For supplementary materials of reading are magazines, articles or authentic reading texts are fruitful. In order to improve the learners’ speaking skill, there are some activities that might be used for supplementary materials such as drama, role play, simulation, etc. English or American literature can be used for teaching English in the classroom as supplementary materials. For instance, one of the most important play, Romeo and Juliet, is very useful and informative literal material for the

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