Principles Of Teaching A Foreign Language Essay

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TESOL Diploma Assignment
Ahmed Saeed Muhammad
Module 1
Mention the principles of teaching a foreign language. What are the justifications for them?
Upon my reading, this essay discusses the principles of teaching a foreign language. In my point of view, a foreign language is a language which is used in another country by a huge group of people who have the same cultural aspects, for example, English is a foreign language for Egyptian people. To learn a foreign language there are some essential elements have to be taken into account including materials (text) and teaching (educator) when these elements mixed together the motivation for the learner will be strengthened. Each of the mentioned elements has principles which are explored in this essay. A principle according to Oxford is "A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning."
• Principles related to Material:
The key aspect here discussed the selection,
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A language teacher must take many factors into account when he selects the materials which are (learners ' age, needs, and their language level). The content should meet learners ' needs Moreover it must be interesting to get them engaged to the language in order to produce, practice and upgrading their level of a foreign language. The teacher can do such work by using colored photos or flashcards and charts for young learners and real life situation for adults. The material must take into account the different learning styles and levels of the learners. Also, it must be well-prepared and well-presented by the teacher; the given activities are an important part of the material because they are supposed to expose the real life situations. Finally, the material also should consider the cultural diversity and

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