Principles Of Total Quality Management

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3.0 Guidelines for Total Quality Management
Total quality management transcends the product quality approach, involves everyone in the organization, and encompasses each of its function: administration, communications, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, training, etc. There are many guidelines of total quality management around to create the TQM diagrams. Though different organization has different total quality management criterion, in general guideline of total quality management should contain the following items.
• TQM is a customer-focused approach
• It is company wide strategy and involves everyone in the organization
• Aims at satisfying the customer or delighting them
• Provides best quality product and satisfy them
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6.0 The shortcomings of traditional cost accounting system quality analysis
The purpose of the implementation of TQM is to achieve win-win for the community, customers and enterprises. Product quality has social, correspondingly, the cost of quality also has broad social. View of modern quality costs must fully reflect the social, customer, product quality and business perspective social costs and user costs.
Quality is "the degree of a set of inherent properties to meet the requirements," it is a dynamic and relative changes the development of the concept. Quality over time and space, use of objects, social environment, market competition and other factors have different connotations. Enterprises in market competition in order to win, it must be based on market information, customer feedback and developments at home and abroad and other factors, the old product improvement and new product development were planning, clear objectives and requirements, and further on how to achieve this goals and planning to achieve these requirements in terms of technology, organization and so
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The core of TQM can be expressed as a simple principle: trying to meet customer needs and concerns. Because once the customer Evaluated as "high quality", the production of high quality goods or provide high-quality services business is likely to raise prices and expand market share. Price and market share increase and promote sales growth. Quality improvement also helps reduce goods or services return rates, reduced system cause, shorten the production cycle. Return rate of decline also guarantee costs and repair costs decrease and shorten the production cycle has accelerated. In turn of product output, increased customer satisfaction, stimulate new demand of customers, to further expand market share. Sales revenue Increase and cost reduction will cause net income to rise, rising return on
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