Pringles Marketing Strategy

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a) Company background and product

For my assignment, I’ve chosen to analyse product called Pringles Original.


Pringles is a worldwide known brand, that makes wheat and potato based stackable crisps. Sold in over 140 countries today, Pringles was the fourth most popular snack in the world 2012.
Pringles was first developed by Procter & Gamble(P&G) and was first introduced to American market year 1967 and was sold locally. Pringles was originally sold under the name "Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips". There are several theories how Pringles came up with its name but the most common one is that P&G chose the Pringles name from a Cincinnati telephone book. The brand logo, a man with moustache and parted hair was introduced the same
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In 1974 Pringles was #1 potato crisps selling brand in USA. But a year later sales began to fall, and despite introducing new products, the sales remained only satisfactory. By 1990 Pringles we’re producing more than they we’re selling, which is what made them enter European market. Without much promotion done, almost immediately, the sales in UK took off. In 1992 following an advertising campaign Pringles entered German market, where in half a year, they were joint second most popular crisps brand. 1995 Pringles olean, fat-free oil. 1996 Fat-free Pringles started being sold more than doubling the companies sales. In 2012 the company was sold to Kellogg’s for $2.695 billion. The owenership of Pringles makes Kellogg’s second largest savory snacks company in the…show more content…
Situation Analysis:
There are many opportunities in the market to sell Pringles products and introduce new ones. There are many countries where Pringles can start selling their products. And there is a high marked demand for healthier snacks that should be developed by Pringles.
To keep our customers and to start engaging with new ones. Extend customers age group from 14-25 to 14-40. As well as get into healthy snacks market.

• Product – develop healthy snacks that would compete with other healthy products. Develop a new package that would make it easier for consumer to reach crisps from the bottom of the can.
• Price Strategy - Price should stay relatively close to the competitor’s prices.
• Place/Distribution – Introduce more flavors in Europe’s market.
• Promotion/Marketing communication – build relationship people using “YOU DON’T JUST EAT’EM” campaign, create more festive promotions using the slogan.

Increase sales by 0.5% by engaging with different age group and healthy snacks industry.

Control and monitoring how the plan is

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