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Malaysia is a developing economy that is geographically dispersed and prosperous natural resources. The country consists of 329.8 square kilometres of total land area and includes Borneo Island Peninsula (East Malaysia) and Sabah (West Malaysia). In Malaysia, advertising industry had started many years ago. A lot of media owned by Malaysia Government such as Bernama or owned by Barisan National. Nowadays, newspaper and magazines are one of the most popular advertising media among the advertisers and companies. Even though online newspapers have developed, but most of the Malaysian prefer to read the newspaper. To trace back Malaysia’s print media, one must know is Malaysia print media history. Very much like other countries of developing world, the rise of India and the print media of Malaysia waas brought by European colonialism. Afterward, Malaysia first English newspapers as known as the Government Gazette, later it changed the name to Prince of Wales Island Gazette (PWIG) and started on March 1, 1806, owned by A.B.Bone. He is an Indian entrepreneur. Prince of Wales Island Gazette (PWIG) final version was released on July 21, 1827. Before that, PWIG was published a lot of non-English newspapers, but it usually stopped publishing. In the year of 1876, the first Malay language newspaper Jawi Peranakan was published in Singapore. In 1855year, Singai Warthamani the first Tamil newspaper published in British Malaya. It mainly focuses on society of Indian, especially the

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