Social Media Vs Traditional Media Essay

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1.1 Overview

The evolution of media from the traditional media to the modern media has changed the way we look around us and understand different things. The new means of media are interactive and engaging while old means are more traditional way of communicating. Social media has given us a number of new options by making us to interact with one another via the Internet. It has made media become much more personal and diverse as user-generated content becomes more significant in our lives. The traditional media includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. My research paper is going to revolve around the print media only, which includes newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. The basic purpose of this research
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The revenues from advertising are going down because of severe economic downturn, as readers have started preferring the Internet for free news and information over buying newspapers and magazines. The E-media has also changed the way newspapers get and circulate their news. According to Garrison (2001), since 1999, around 90% of daily newspapers in the United States have been actively using online technologies to search for articles and most of them also create their own news websites to reach new…show more content…
Which is why, they prefer the new means of media over the traditional ones because E-media is more advanced and relatively a more innovative type of media. There are number of options available if we compare it to the traditional/ print media. People can go through different websites at the same time. Social media gives us access to a variety of information in the palm of our hands so why would we need to purchase a newspaper to get the same information which is available online for free. Modern media caters all kinds of audiences. It has vast information, you can about search anything and
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