Renaissance Printing Press Essay

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The aim of study is to assess how the printing press had helped spread the Renaissance ideas such as the Reformation, Humanism and changed the social culture of Europe because increasing levels of literacy and emergence of a large book market

The Renaissance was a time of reformation and change in the way people live and were beginning to question certain society and norms .the development in technology had produced the printing press . The development of the printing press had played a large role in spreading the ideas of the Renaissance In addition to this it had spread Humanism that had influenced the Italian Renaissance, the Protestant reformation and levels of literacy in Europe
One of the inventors that had contributed to the printing press was Gutenberg, Johann Gutenberg who had invented the printing press that had created a new way of learning as well as contributed to spread of knowledge

Summary of Sources
Summary and Evaluation of sources (Review of literature)

Summary of Source A
Is about the early development of the moveable
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But most importantly it evaluates the impact of the printing press and how it had contributed to the to the “Printing Revolution “ , the literacy levels , and education and a key factor in the spread of the Protestant reformation and mass communication in
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