3D Printing In The Fashion Industry

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extremely suitable for the fashion industry. 3D printing technology has the capability to increase sustainability optimization from social, environmental, and economic perspectives. The nature of the production method is the approach to reduced by-products and minimal waste. When the full potential of CAD based design and other assets of 3D printing are recognized, reduced carbon footprints and an increase in energy saved are expected. Experts have estimated that the 3D printing method of manufacturing can reduce the consumption of energy by fifty percent as opposed to traditional manufacturing methods. Some printers use a powder-based material that allows greater than fifty percent of the material to be recycled and used in future jobs…show more content…
3D printing in the fashion industry will also affect the way companies approach management. The new technology is a change in the external environment, or an event outside a company that has the ability to influence it (Williams). Fashion companies exist in a dynamic environment; the fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, leaders and managers in the fashion industry must always be prepared to adapt to that change, or even lead it. A good manager in the fashion industry must be able to handle environmental uncertainty. It is difficult to predict what will be bought, in what volume, for how long in fashion. Trends change swiftly, especially within the last decade. 3D printing is one way fashion managers can keep their company secure. When a trend changes, a company can easily program the printer to begin printing the next hottest item. With the use of 3D printing industry wide fewer people will be needed to piece garments together, as much of the work will be done by the machine. Therefore, fewer employees will be needed; they will be replaced by a smaller number of technicians that will look over the machines. Another positive impact of 3D printing on management is the fact that it will…show more content…
It is the spark that will ignite a newfound interest and passion in the industry. 3D printing will help to decrease and reverse the environmental damage and pollution the fashion industry has caused previously. It will completely change the industry, from sourcing of materials to sustainability optimization. New businesses will grow, and existing businesses will adapt and thrive. It is possible now to produce a collection solely 3D printing technology as Danit Peleg has proven. Industry leaders such as Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel are adopting the innovation and leading change. 3D printing is the future of the fashion
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