Priscilla And The Wimps Analysis

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I have recently read the short story “Priscilla and the Wimps” by Richard Peck. In response to the prompt, I do not believe that Priscilla’s treatment of Monk was justified. When dealing with conflict, it is crucial not to resort to physical violence, otherwise it may further escalate the conflict. Technically, if you resort to physical violence to try to stop bullying, you are just as bad as the bully. In the story, Monk was picking on Melvin (Peck 2), who was Priscilla’s closest friend (Peck 1), and Priscilla ended up putting him in a hammerlock and then locking him in a locker for a whole week (Peck 3). Even though, Monk and his Klutter Kobra’s have been terrorizing their school for years, I honestly believe that Monk didn’t deserve to…show more content…
Palacio. The story “Wonder” is about a boy named Auggie who has a facial deformity. Auggie is enrolled in a new school, where he meets lots of new students. He befriends a nice boy named Jack and unfortunately another boy named Julian constantly bullies him because of his face. Towards the end of the story, Jack and a few other friends defend Auggie from some seventh grade bullies and end up with some scrapes and bruises. This story is similar to the short story “Priscilla and the Wimps” because they both center around the theme of bullying and standing up for others. In “Priscilla and the Wimps”, Priscilla uses violence to stand up for Melvin, who is getting bullied by Monk. Priscilla is similar to the character, Jack, from “Wonder” and Melvin is similar to the character, Auggie, from “Wonder”. In both stories, Melvin and Auggie are frequently bullied. Though, in “Priscilla and the Wimps” it was never stated that Melvin was frequently bullied, I can make the assumption that he is a very easy target for the Klutter Kobra’s due to his small stature. However, both Jack and Priscilla are quite similar due to their protective attitudes towards their friends. For example, in the story “Wonder”, Jack ended up in a showdown with Julian because he was insulting Auggie; this showdown resulted in Jack getting suspended from the school for two whole days. Also, on a camping trip, Auggie, Jack, and a few others, were attacked by some older seventh graders, and Jack protected Auggie; and they all ended up bruised and scraped. To recap, both stories are similar, in a sense, because they both deal with standing up to bullying. Priscilla stood up for Melvin and Jack stood up for Auggie; but both didn’t stand up correctly, they resorted to physical violence to protect the people they care
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