Priscilla And The Wimpss Analysis

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When reading literature, the only way readers can fully understand the characters is if there’s a conflict. What people do in the presence of a conflict can greatly differ from their normal state of mind. This applies to the characters in “Ta-Na-E-Ka”, and “Priscilla and the Wimps”. Mary is eleven and is going to experience her Ta-Na-E-Ka. Priscilla stands up for all the people who are threatened by Monk. The actions that happen because of conflicts can create tension or they can resolve issues. The character v.s character conflicts in “Ta-Na-E-Ka” and “Priscilla and the Wimps” cause the characters to act out against the antagonist. These actions against the antagonist cause tensions.
In “Ta-Na-E-Ka” by Mary Whitebird, there is a ritual called
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character” conflicts which cause tension. In “Ta-Na-E-Ka” Mary is reluctant to participate in Ta-Na-E-Ka.In “Ta-Na-E-Ka” Mary goes against her grandfather and his value of traditions. “... Kaw Indians take part in Ta-Na-E-Ka. Well, not all Kaws. But my grandfather stuck to the old ways.” This quote shows how much Mary’s father valued tradition. By not wanting to be involved in Ta-Na-E-Ka it causes a lot of tension between Mary and her family. This ritual is also one of the most important events in an eleven-year-old, Kaw’s life. “At eleven a boy could prove himself a warrior. A girl took the first steps to womanhood.” Mary had her own thoughts about growing up so she decides to do Ta-Na-E-Ka her own way. The main conflict in “Priscilla and the Wimps” is that Monk bullies the school. One day he decides to pick on Priscilla’s friend, Melvin which causes tension between Priscilla and Monk. Then when the Kobras ask for Melvin’s pass Priscilla asks, “Who’s your leader wimp?”After the Kobras tell her the leader is Monk Priscilla continues to say, “Never heard of him.” “Monk is not happy with this answer.” Therefore the tension between Monk and Priscilla intensifies. After Monk grabs Melvin, Priscilla reacts and shoves Monk in a locker. By doing this Priscila escalates the conflict between the three of them and de-escalates the problem of Monk’s bullying. That day there is a snow storm that causes their school to be closed for a
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