Prison Animal Compensation Programs

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Although animals seem to be increasingly incorporated into the correctional program, the system has failed to systematically study the phenomenon. It is an initial attempt to capture the extent to these programs that are being administered in the United States prisons throughout the nation. The research regarding the therapeutic effects of animals and what we know about the prison based animal programs. Preliminary evidence shows that the inmates benefit in learning life-enhancing skills. Shelter dogs and wild horses are trained by the prisoners to help people with the physical and emotional needs. Pets as therapy program were first brought into a women’s prison, train dos for the elderly and the ones with special needs. The effect…show more content…
They try to reduce the stress and anxiety level that some have reported. Systematic research shows the long term effects of such programming has been barely sufficient. However anecdotal reports from inmates, correctional employees, and recipients of inmate-training, dogs have been copious and overwhelmingly positive. Sister Pauline Quinn, a dominican nun first coupled dogs and inmates when she found the primary prison dog-training program in Washington state. Sister Quinn recognized the therapeutic effects of dogs after she was on her own recovery during a psychiatric hospitalization. Soon after her program began in Washington, others followed on the East coast. The Prison Pet Partnership Program is a model for the nation in the area of the rehabilitation of female offenders within the criminal justice system in Washington State. It began in 1981 with an idea by Sister Pauline Quinn, where inmates would reach out to help others by training special dogs that would assist a disabled person. In this nation correctional system,more than one million men and women and young adults ( teens ) are living lives in confinement. They are there for many many reasons, for example: anger, drug abuse, robbery, murder. 15 million prisoners of a different sort are facing life or…show more content…
Kennedy School of Business at Harvard University.In 1997, General H Norman Schwarzkopf came to WCCW to host “What’s Right in America” for NBC. He felt that the Prison Pet Partnership Program exemplified how the prison system can aid in the rehabilitation of inmates while serving the community at large. As of 2007, many states were using HAI programs. Having the inmates care for the animal as a pet, training them for human service or training for pet adoption.The potential for beneficial effects was accessed. Accidental evidence seems to support these kind of programs, as an independent assessments. If you have ever watched Orange is the New Black, you probably remember a few scenes with Boo and Little Boo (the dog therapy dog in training). Little Boo was portraying the program. This similar program runs in the USA, Canada, Australia and all across the nation. Unlike in the show the prisons offer a far more reaching benefits for the inmates, the pets, as well as for the animals
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