Prison Budget Research Paper

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Over the years budget crises have forced many states to re-examine budgets, starting with the cost of maintaining their prison and jail systems. The United States has the largest prison population with about two million prisoners. To try and make a plan for the large population and some budget cuts, politicians want to change some of the parole policies and are trying to get some of the criminal laws revised for some drug offenders and white collar criminals. Due to the fact that the politicians are undecided the have put work release programs and strict parole release into effect. Prison is a place for people who break the law should be detained, but if the prisoner has twelve months or less until their release date, and show that they have been…show more content…
Work programs require inmates to make payments from their earnings to satisfy court-ordered fines, victim restitution, and other judgments. Some inmates are given fees for room and board, which is given to the state. Inmates working who have financial obligations must pay 50 percent of their earnings to the debtors. Most fine and restitution money goes to crime victims or victim support groups through the Crime Victims Fund administered by the Office for Victims of Crime in the Department of Justice. Even the early release of inmates to work release or parole can help with the budgets; there are still things that make it hard for people to actually be ok with letting inmates out of prison. Many people feel that if you have committed a crime that you stay inside jail until you have completed your entire sentence. People with assault, theft, burglary, and drug convictions return within three years due to the fact that not many people who are released into the work program and who are put on parole are
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