Prison Camps Treated By Prisoners In World War II

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the reunion in 1989 with five other prisoners from Wake Island. Once he returned, he was never the same, still remembering the things he had gone through and what they had done to him. During World War II, over 140,000 western prisoners of war were captured. The Japanese treated the prisoners however they felt was right and had no respect or mercy towards them. Some prisoners were killed attempting to escape the camps. Many prisoners would get caught by the guards who were guarding the gates. If a guard saw a prisoner attempting to escape, he would be shot instantly. On February 5, 1945, four hundred men were killed attempting to escape the prisons. During “The Great Escape”, prisoners tried using everything to escape by using things such as empty milk jugs, milk cans, and even each other. In this time, seventy-six escaped, and fifty were executed.…show more content…
The main cause of the deaths were the Death Marches. Most died from the heat, exhaustion, being shot, and many other different conditions. Although the prison camps were designed to torture the prisoners, they are no longer used today. The affected families and prisoners will have to live with the sufferings, but they will never have to go through it again. The prisoners faced many hard times in their life being in the prison camps. The death totals were high, but God was in control during that time. He had a reason for everything He

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