Prison Industrial Complex Essay

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The term "Prison Industrial Complex" (PIC) is used to express the rapid expansion of the United States inmate population. The prison industrial complex (PIC) is an expression used to describe the connection between the interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment the resolution to economic, social and political problems. The P.I.C helps to maintain the authority of people who get their power through racial, economic, social and other privileges. Power is collected and maintained through the PIC in many ways, including creating mass media images that reinforce the stereotypes associated with people of color, less fortunate people, homosexual people, immigrants, youth, elderly and other oppressed communities. These stereotypes imply that those who are associated with these groups of society are criminals, corrupt, delinquent, deviant, etc. PIC abolition is a political vision with the goal…show more content…
No, prisons should not be abolished. They should not be abolished but they to be more specific in the crimes that are considered federal. Also they need to reevaluate the amount of time given to certain crimes. Criminals need to be reprimanded for their own actions but some actions need other alternatives to imprisonment. Rapists receive years of imprisonment for the crime they have committed as far as discipline. However, they do not receive the mental help they need to understand why they did it and to help them to not do it again. Serial killers are reprimanded but do not get the mental assistance they need to help them with this illness. A drug addict that has been arrested multiple times for acting upon the effects of the drugs they are on so they receive jail time. Drug addicts don 't need jail they need rehabilitation to help with their addiction. The only form of discipline for crimes in America is incarceration. Incarceration has become the easy way of profit and discipline for the world

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