Prison Records Expunged Essay

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Should Prison Records Be Expunged After Sentence is Served?

When considering expunging a prisoner’s record there should be an abundance of factors that follows the final decision of whether or not to expunge a criminal record. Factors included should be what crime the prisoner committed, whether the person shows true remorse for the crime they committed, and if the benefits outweigh the risk of expunging their record. Criminals with lower level offenses have better chances of getting their records. Criminals who have higher level crimes are less likely to be able to get their records expunged. Any prisoners who show true example of rehabilitation records should be expunged after their sentences and requirements of their release have been fulfilled .
To begin with whether or not a record should be expunged we should first know what is is and the process of getting a record expunged. Expungement is the process of sealing arrest and conviction records. The process of filing for an expungement is not a long trial of courts and
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