Prison Reflection Paper

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On the above date at approximately 0017hours I was removing inmates from cell 7 who were in the gym for recreation time. Upon opening the door I noticed Dean, Terrance (A-15545) was bent over and his arm was dangling. I asked Dean if he was okay and he stated that he dislocated his shoulder playing handball. I then removed the other inmates from the gym and returned them to Cell 7. At 0018 hours I removed inmate Dean from the gym and escorted him to the Attorneys room. After placing inmate Dean in the Attorney’s room, I followed the Jail protocol 11-02 for further instruction. Inmate Dean stated that he was not able to move his shoulder and he was in a lot of pain. At approximately 0032hours I called Dr. Jacquemin for further guidance. DR. Jacquemin…show more content…
Our on duty Deputies were currently dealing with a call and were not able to assist in the transport. After calling multiple deputies and failing to get a hold of anyone to assist in the transport, Deputy Lash called back at approximately 0110hours. Deputy Lash informed that he will be on his way. At approximately 0113hours I informed inmate Dean that he will be going to ARMC(ER) once our deputy comes in. Inmate Dean was not satisfied with the amount of time he would have to wait to be transported. At approximately 0115 hours after returning from a cell check inmate dean informed me that he no longer needs to go to the ER, because he popped his shoulder back into place. I informed inmate Dean that he needed to either sign a medical refusal form stating he doesn’t want to be transported to the ER or he will be going. Inmate Dean stated he will be fine if he could just get some pain medicine. At approximately 0125 I called Dr. Jacquemin and informed him inmate Dean popped his dislocated shoulder back into place by himself. Dr. Jacquemin instructed that he no longer needed to go to the ER and I was to give him 800mg of Motrin and an ice pack. At 0132 hours inmate Dean was given 800mg of Ibuprofen and returned to his
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