Essay On Prison Reform

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Prison Reforms Statistics gathered from the ministry of interior state “ all 22 prisons in Lebanon are packed to twice their capacity (5000-6500 inmates).” This is the problem that lead to overcrowding in prisons which lead to malnutrition, lack of food and many things else. While the conditions of jails in Lebanon are deteriorating gradually, the government must aim to reform and rehabilitate them; however, these measures of improvement are not being implemented since the country faces notorious issues such as chronic hunger, deficiency of law implementation and poverty. Most jails in Lebanon are becoming overcrowded which leads to many effects on prisoners. Large amounts of prisoners are being distributed over limited spaces in jails. The central administration for statistics and the ministry of social UNDP (2007) stated that: “there are 34595 arrested prisoners in Lebanon of whom 88.6% are males.” “Roumieh”…show more content…
Patrick crusade in his article: The effect of prison overcrowding implies that: “rehabilitation and interaction between prisoners are diminishing because there isn’t enough time and enough room to satisfy the needs of inmates. Also he says that drug trafficking is becoming prevalent in these prisons and prisoners are mostly found high on drugs.” Rates of suicide and other forms of violent death have been found to be higher during period of overcrowding. These problems lead prisoners to interrogate with them and some evidence are gathered from a prisoner who said that they get random slaps on their faces and on their knees in order to confess. Overcrowding prisons is a big and alarming issue that need an urgent reform but the government is currently overlooking it because there are many important problems must be resolved before looking at this
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