Prison Reform

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Often time, the guards, the prisoners , and even their families sometimes struggle with trying understand what their role really is in the prison system . Quite often the correctional officers are blamed for high rates of reoffending as well as psychological damage to the inmates. I believe that using corrections officers as culprits for the way the prisons are in America is an ill-advised method for the penal system to use. If I were the person in charge of making a difference in the way corrections were carried out in the future of the prison system, I would first clearly set expectations for the people who I consider to be both an authority figure of management and persons in charge of the reforming these inmates. Reform inside of prisons…show more content…
I would look to for qualified officers who fit the program and process all of the qualities that are normally hard to measure, things like integrity, and being able to make good decisions. I would also make it a mandatory that guards or officers acknowledge the rights of the inmates, and how to try and resist the use of physical force as much as possible unless it is absolutely necessary. When the correctional officers show respect for inmates rights as humans, it leads to a much bigger movement to raise the required qualifications of the corrections system. If American prisons are to ever going to be successful in utilizing the services of rehabilitative institutions, beneficially influencing the lives of the people incarcerated within, then the system would need to be revamped so that the corrections officers can effectively represent their part of being counselors and educators to the inmates. We would need to build more trust in the guards as well as the inmates in order for them both to feel as if they are able to seek personal growth. I think that the correctional officers are probably be one of the most influential person in a prisoner’s life. I say this because , the attitudes that the guards give toward prisoners can influence whether the rehabilitation programs will be effective or not . It also can determine if that prisoners will reintegrate successfully post release.…show more content…
The new project called “Bike Back” at HMP Bristol reconstructs a working bicycle shop in a prison environment. This experiment was supported by an experienced mechanic, and many skilled volunteers. Up to eight inmates at a time were taught the skills to completely refurbish broken bikes which were all donated by the local community.
This very highly praised reward was presented to Bounce Back in London for the work that was done at HMP Brixton in the effort to bridge the gap between incarceration and employment. This particular charity also provides breaks for the inmates to gain vocational training after the fulfilment of their sentence. They are also mentored and given support in things like painting , dry lining and scaffolding. The prisoners are also given the chance to be placed in a job upon their release through the charity’s social

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