Prisoner Of Night And Fog Analysis

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Everyone knows the feeling when they have to choose between the ideologies they have been raised with and what their gut tells them is right. In Prisoner of Night and Fog the main character is torn between what she was taught and what she believes. In the song “Rewrite the Stars” two characters are in love but race tears them apart and they are forced to choose between social boundaries and love. In both the novel Prisoner of Night and Fog and the song “Rewrite the Stars” the author speaks about the character choosing between what their peers tells them to do and what their heart tells them to do is right

Both the novel Prisoner of Night and Fog and the song “Rewrite the Stars” have a similar theme of following your heart regardless of
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For example, in the novel neither of the characters were keen on being with each other, while in the song one character was attempting to persuade the other character to be with him. In the novel Prisoner of Night and Fog the main character Gretchen as well as another character, Daniel aren’t keen on working together due to the fact that one of them is a Jew and the other is a National Socialist; regardless they painstakingly decide to work together to achieve a common goal. Aside from the fact they end up falling in love with each other, in the beginning of the story both of them weren’t sure if they could trust each other let alone like each other. On the other hand, in the song both characters are in love with each other from the start and are craving to be together but society doesn’t allow it. Unlike the other text, in “Rewrite the Stars” one of the characters could care less about social boundaries while the other one abides by them. This shows the difference in the characters. Although the love and societal problems are still there, both stories still have different plot lines since in one the characters are not willing to see the attraction between the both of them while in the other, they both have the common understanding that they are in love, but are not able to act upon it. Another fact that ties into the plot is the that the characters in both texts face different challenges, in the novel the characters face religious differences while in the song both characters face racial differences.These two texts have different characters which change the way the text is written and although they both have the same theme the storyline is completely
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