Prisoner Radicalization In The United States

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The perception of prisoner radicalization is an extrusive issue and as of recently, has quickly developed itself as a growing concern in the United States. Prisoner radicalization manifests within the enigmatic subgroups of prison inmate gangs and radical elucidations of religious values which overtime, stimulate the formulation principles based upon fanaticism, abhorrence and violence (Hamm, 2017). Currently, our government is unaware of the actual extent of the issue regarding terrorist’s impacts on prison inmates. However, many of the scholars and experts in prisoner radicalization through terrorist influence, believe that immediate attention needs to be focused in this area, further improving upon our understanding of the growing potential threat.
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As of this moment, our government has currently been able to identify several different forms of domestic extremist groups that have coincided within our local, state and federal pentatrienes, such as White Supremacists or Neo-Nazi’s, political extremist, and array of other large coordinated prison gangs. Nevertheless, with the increasing risk of more home-grown radical Islamic terrorist turning up on United States soil, great levels of distress have recently been expressed by Americans because of the looming risk of what could result from this prisoner radicalization.
The recent uprising of the radical Islamic extremist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has resulted in a significant rise in the number of annual domestic terrorism- related arrests. The ideology implemented through ISIS’s methods of teaching, has

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