Prisoner Who Wore Glasses: A Comparative Analysis

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A great relationship is about two things, first, find out the similarities, second, respect the differences. Many cultures vary in means of male domination and relations between each other. Most cultures are taught to respect their elders and their authority, while others emphasize on males having total control. No two cultures will ever be the exact same, but that does mean they cannot share a respect for one another. First in “The Book of Ruth”, Ruth’s Husband and sons die at the beginning of the story. Ruth is now left in a society where males dominate. When she has no male to bring in an income or do the male duties, she begins to struggle to fit into the society. At this point she must do whatever it takes to survive and live without…show more content…
In reality he is a prisoner and should be giving his full respect to the warder, not playing tricks on him. On the other hand, Warder Hannetjie is not treating Brille with respect. He is not treating his elder with respect, which is a key factor to some cultures. This story clearly shows a cultural difference due to age. The two show great disrespect to each other when all they need to do is come to a common agreement. That is what most people need to do in life, find a common ground and respect all that surround them. In “The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses”, Brille grows such a disrespect to Warder Hannetjie that he begins to get him in trouble. The two begin to bicker and have a hate for each other. It is one thing to not agree with somebody 's culture but it is even worse to try and control somebody’s…show more content…
People have no respect for what others believe in, they believe that they have the only correct answers. When a society or culture cannot agree there will always be conflict. Going about things differently can change people’s views on other cultures. When a culture stresses on male domination, they could really just be trying to treat women with respect, not trying to offend them. One’s age can severely hurt a relationship between two people as well. The world will forever judge people on what they believe in, whether it is right or

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