Prisoners And Mental Illness Summary

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Brianna Burns
ENG 1123, Period 3
Mrs. Meeks
15 October 2015
Summary #9
Glazer, Sarah. "Prisoners and Mental Illness." CQ Researcher (13 Mar. 2015): n.pag. 241-64. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.
Recently, the issue of treating mentally ill inmates while they serve time for the crimes they committed has become a very prevalent topic (Glazer n.pag.). Because budget cuts have caused many mental health institutions to shut down, court and law officials have been led to place these mentally ill offenders in jails that do not have the equipment and staff necessary to help treat them (Glazer n.pag.). Instead, the mentally ill offenders are simply placed in solitary confinement, causing their condition or illness to worsen over time (Glazer n.pag.). In many cases,

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