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Working Ex-Prisoners The move from prisoner to the community is not a new occurrence. The huge majority of prisoners are released to society and come across the challenges of adjusting to the freedom, attractions, duties, and struggles of the street. With over the years, there has been an increase of inmate releases that is amplified even further because prisoners are spending longer periods of time in prison and have fading access to education and training programs that could support their transition upon release. Over the past years, inmates have been released without post-prison supervision and without services to help them with finding jobs, housing, and supported services. “What has changed is the scale of prisoner reentry-more than…show more content…
Richard Cobbs who was a former prisoner applied to hundreds of jobs and had several interviews. All the employers said he did a good job but they needed to perform a background check and that is where it all seems to go down the drain. “I try to tell people, 'Listen, I made a mistake. I was young, and I 'm sorry. Give me a chance, '" Cobbs tells Business Insider. "It seems like it falls on deaf ears all the time." Not all ex-convicts are trying to ruin their lives or be put back in prison. Of course, each situation is unique to the individual. It is important to first understand the following issues. The relationship with working and they reentry, labor market in which prisoners will be jumping into, prisoners former profile such as education, work experience, health, amount of prison, and job perspective, Does the prisoner’s work while behind bars, and finally, ex-prisoners should be allowed the same chances of obtaining a job position after prison as everyone else. The way to begin combating ex-convicts work ethic is not a clean-cut and organized formula. Changes must be gradual and made in order to accommodate for individual’s situational differences and distinct circumstances. It is important for convicts to find a job, a job that will keep them out of trouble, support their mental health, and allow them to support their life in a positive…show more content…
With prisoners stepping out of prison and into the real work and working world, there will be a massive cultural shift in from their normal habits of being in prison. This cultural shift might be a little hard at first but it will be good for them. Most of these jobs will allow these prisoners to receive the full benefit, such as health care, dental, eye, and etc. While in prisoner these convicts either receive a low-income health plan or at worst a nonexistent one. If he or she get sick and it’s not urgent, they get put on a waiting list. If it’s urgent they may go to the hospital but these visits cost and they cost around $5 an hour. Once the prisoners are out of prison and are able to land a job with full benefits. They will be able to provide healthcare coverage for themselves and their families with the majority of it being paid for by the company in which they

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