Prisoners Of War By Louie Zamperini

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War makes people do the unspeakable; these horrid acts include dehumanizing enemies, torturing fellow citizens, isolating people, and much more. Most of the people who experienced this were POWs (Prisoners of War). What these POWs endured was invisibility which means in a literal sense that they were isolated or “cut off” from each other and/or society, and in a figurative sense they lost their dignity. A story of one of these POWs is of Louie Zamperini. Louie enlisted in the war on the Western Front, and he got captured during battle. While in his POW camp he was isolated from everyone and was dehumanized because of adversary status and jealousy from guards. On the other hand, another POW Miné Okubo was in a completely different situation. She was…show more content…
Because of this she was taken to a internment camp were she was dehumanized and emotionally tortured. Nobody objects that Louie Zamperini and Miné Okubo were dehumanized and made invisible to the rest of the world and that they resisted this invisibility, and in the following text will analyze how they did it.

Louie had to sustain his self-worth in a environment were this is made inconceivable. One guard named the Bird made the previous statement forthright. When the men were in the barracks in Omari, Louie watched men unpack themselves of sugar packets. When men were caught with these sugar packets the Bird would beat them, “... with fists, bats, and rifle butts. But the men were fed so little and worked so hard that they felt they had
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