Prisoners Of War In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

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The prisoners of War were placed in hundreds of the camps in towns all across the America. The prisoners had their own unique experience. Some of the prisoners enjoyed their time in America. However, There were other prisoners who did not enjoy their time in America they were waiting for the day to come when they could return home to their families. During the wars the prisoners who were sent to POWs camps were treated differently by gender. In other countries prisoners of war were treated very badly. The camps for prisoner of wars were worst, the soldiers who became prisoner of war were horrified when they get transported to the camps for instance the main the character in the book Slaughterhouse five Billy was horrified when he was…show more content…
For three centuries, American POWs, like Kurt Vonnegut, have examined their experience by writing personal histories that search for a sense of social, legal, historical, and personal order in the midst of captivity. In the novel Slaughterhouse five Vonnegut had allusions in the book historic allusions, geographic allusions and scientific allusions. People did not liked to get drafted and on the other hand young boys were excited to go in war and serve for country but when they became prisoner of war they hated it and they wanted to escape and return home. Prisoner of war have always had to face terrible situations. Throughout history have treated prisoner of wars differently. For instance In America few German prisoner of war liked it and they were happy with the experience they had in America but in Germany and in Japan prisoner of wars did not liked it all they wanted to escape, they wanted to go home because some prisoner camps left prisoner of war to die. In Slaughterhouse-Five Billy and his friends were in Germany and Billy could not sleep while they were in train the germans hated him. Other people judged prisoner of wars from other countries and also they compared physical appearances by saying who is strong and who is
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