Prisoners Of Zenda Summary

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Anthony hope in full Anthony Hope Markouns born in FEB.9.1863 London, England. Author of clock and sword romances, notably the prisoners of Zenda. The dolly dialogues “ Ruperts of Zenda”, “Memairs and notes” , “ THE GOD IN THE CAR”. Educated at Marlborough and at Balliol Collage Oxford. He became lawyer in 1887. The prisoners of zenda (1894) his sixth novel and its sequels. This novel describe the adventures of the english man Rudolph Rassendyll in the mythical kingdom of Ruritania. Although he was a profolic writer specially of adventures novels.
The content of the book is too much interesting and catches the reader attentions towards it. This book contain the mixture of
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This book The Prisoners of Zenda is about the story of the kidnapped king who is kidnapped by his brother and kept in a castle, an English man whose name is Rassendyll has much resembles to the king has been took to save the king and his kingdom from wrose people. Fo rthis attentio he had face many problems and…show more content…
When he was on his way he stayed in lodge where the prince also once stayed. He met the prince face to face, prince invite him to the dinner. Prince’s brother send him a glass of vine, when the prince drink it, he could not be able to wake up and attend the ceremony. So the prince’s two very loyal servants Firtz and Sopt decided to make Ressendyll ready to attend the corronation. He agreed for king. After the ceremony when they return the king was missing from the lodge, he kidnapped by Blak Duke Michaelle. Rassendyll asked Firtz and sopt to bring the king back to strsaul,but they keep calm and said Ressendyll to perform all the duties of king and act like a king, so that the Blak Duke will not harm the king. Rassendyll meet princess Flaria in her house where Blak Duke properly show hatered for the prince. Rassendyll, Firtz and sapt know that Blak Duke has kidnapped the king but they cant do anything about it. Blak Duke has six guards of which three guards guarding the king. The king was in Zenda castle. They need a strong plan to save the king, if they made any little mistake so one of the famous six
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